This is ...sHotTa... the prisoner of music..

Hi............ This is Plabon here. We are going to make a band called shotta... Our slogan is Prisoner Of Music.

    We are a band of  6 members. Me plabon as lead guterist, Shetu is trying to be vocal with his voice like cow!!! (shetu dont mind its just a joke). Our dramar (accually I should say DRUMER!!) who cant  play drums even. He like to called Xyo. But his name is Saife.Our second lead guitarist Shuvro is not acctually interested about the band!!! He is busy with his loveship. Our key bordist cum vocal Punom is trying to play keys but he has no keybord. So his sorrow has no bounds. But also he is not a good vocal(punom u know this is not true. I love your voice).Our other vocal and guiterist Shakil is a good vocal taht he thinks. So guys pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease pray for us that we can go far with our Band. 

   This site is created for only entertainment. You can find guitar tabs, chords, bass tabs, drum tabs, keyboard tabs from this site. There is a sub page called comments. You can put your important advice to improve the sites effectiveness. We provide a large number of image and funny pics to this site for your enjoyment. Plz let us know that a witch content of this site is liked by you.
  Guys do you know our members of the band now lives in different city. I’m at Chittagong, Shetu and Shakil at Rajshahi, Punom at Dhaka, Shuvro and Sife at Natore.
But we are still known that we are going to create a great underground band. I myself try to get a good control on guitar; my close friend Irfan is helping me to do that. I’m also going to a great guitarist called Shapon vai to get lesson. So guy’s plz wait for a moment and let me listening you some awesome sounds..... You know Irfan is a very good guitarist. He creates some composition of his own that is charming..... Actually I am not finding an appropriate word to express my feelings how nice Irfan composes.


About Artcell tab
Hi.......... Friends
I tried to provide you some popular Artcell guitar tabs in this site. If you wanna get it just go to the Artcell tab and get it.

Best of luck
be Rocked
Do you ever been to NATORE
Hi this is for my favourite place NATORE.IF you wanna go to natore just follow the information and advice.From Dhaka you can go by bus or train. But I think it will be better by bus. There are many bus service you can get. Hanif ,N.P eligence is most popular. You have to pay only 380 tk for the ticket . And you have a journey of 3 hours. That set . So have a nice journey!!!!
First thanks to my friends of IUB campus, Irfan, Taslif, Mukut, Foysal, Wanas, Sanjay, Jahid, Tareq and others who helped me as I am new comer at chittagong. I loved this port city. Really its so beautyful.
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